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UGP is the brainchild of Mr. Umapathy, an astute technocrat, who holds an Engineering Degree in Mechanical stream and an MBA in Finance, PG Diploma in Production Management and a PG Diploma in Energy Management Technology. Mr Umapathy started his career in a Tamilnadu government department as Assistant Executive engineer. He gained rich experience during his stint especially in breweries and distilleries. He had great opportunity to visit Europe and other countries like Germany a lot of times that gave an insight to him about their packaging machineries. In 1997 Mr Umapathy decided to start a small industry to manufacture the packaging machineries related to Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and breweries as well.

What started in a small way in 1997 grew up manifold and UGP has now emerged as number two in India in manufacture of packaging machineries for distilleries and breweries. UGP has been the primary supplier of such machineries to stalwarts in the industry like USL (since taken over by Diageo) and Tilaknagar Industries and all major companies spanning entire South India like MB Distilleries, Balaji distilleries, Golden Distilleries, Midas Industries, MGM etc and all other units in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Pondicherry.

UGP has completed two massive turnkey projects at Pondicherry the first being for Government of Pondicherry where the plant was built by UGP and the other one for Win Bros and Co. that included civil, mechanical, tankage piping, erection etc., which was an all encompassing project which UGP delivered. Extending its business horizon, UGP had its first overseas assignment in Zambia during the last year wherein it installed a wholesome IMFL plant.

UGP‘s main activities as on today is promoting bottling plants that can fill 405 Bottle Per Minute (BPM) wherein the bottles will be washed and filled with 1ML accuracy, sealed and then labeled. The labeling can be either front or back label or three labels which shall be taken care of by rotating packing machine. The total packing capacity achievement would be two lakh bottles within eight hours. This is quite unprecedented inasmuch as during the last 20 years in India the speed achieved was only 240 BPM. By this feat, UGP can proudly proclaim to be pioneers in this field for; we have developed one of the best bottle rinsing and washing machine for the second hand bottles and have also supplied more than 500 machines throughout India till now.

Filler-sealer machine is one of the best and primary Our Lines of UGP. Normally in the industry, including overseas industries like Germany, for PET bottle filling, gravity filling method and for glass bottle filling, vacuum filling method are recommended. However to overcome its inherent constraints and limitations, UGP has developed a filler-sealer machine that can run at a speed of 405 BPM both for glass as well as for the PET bottles which is one of phenomenal achievements of UGP.

For PET line, UGP has developed unscrambler and pressure sensitive labeling machine that takes care of pick and placing. Similarly, for glass bottles, UGP has developed a tunnel washing machine and a tunnel rinser with filtration system that first does normal water cleaning followed by fresh water cleaning, then RO water cleaning and finally air wash and the bottle is delivered with hundred percent purity. Such types of machines have been recently developed by UGP whose bottling speed goes up to 500 BPM.

Filler-Sealer: We have so far developed 80 filling stations and 20 sealing stations and these machines already have a proven capacity of 405 BPM. The first machine was supplied to KACL distilleries Tamilnadu and KACL is able to clock production of around 3500 cases in eight hours shift continuously for the last 3 to 4 months which by itself is a record achievement. With each case containing 48 bottles, the end packaging quantity is an astounding 1,70,000 bottles in eight hours that can be proudly called as the pinnacle of achievements. The fact that such feat has been achieved with second hand bottles speaks volumes about UGP’s capabilities.

Apart from this, as an engineering-based company, UGP has developed stainless steel tanks ranging from 1000 liters to 9,00,00 liters for the breweries, distilleries and IMFL units that can be used for water storage, blending storage and other storage purposes. UGP has delivered high profile blending tanks for Diageo as well as for C grams and also added recirculation blending tanks that aids in quicker process of low and medium range Our Lines.

UGP has also forayed into piping sector and we are one of the apex contractors for IOCL for tankage and their other requirements. Aavin is also one of our primary customers for whom we deliver machineries of considerable scale. UGP also offers bespoke solutions for the customer’s requirements in machineries and also provide packaging solutions. Our endeavour is to meet and exceed the customer requirements for all their bottling and packaging needs including labeling machine, filling machine etc.

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