Filler Cum Sealer

Filler Cum Sealer - 405 BPM

Model UM-FS-80x20-405
Power 15.5 kW
Vacuum LV 1500
Dimensions 4.8 x 4.4 x 2Mtr
Capacity 405 BPM
No. of filling heads 80 Nos.
No. of sealing heads 20 Nos.


Filler cum Sealer- Specifications

  • Frequency controller for varying speed of machine from 50 BPM- 450 BPM
  • Auto Cap Feeder
  • Vapour Separation Unit for avoiding frequent vacuum pump jamming
  • Pneumatic System for auto return liquor Collection and Feeding capacity of 75 ltrs
  • Buffer Feeding system which receives the liquor from the service tank and operated by floated system
  • Bottom liquor-feeding system by which return liquor need not be pumped back to service tanks, by doing away with FLP motor with pump and pipe line work to service tanks
  • All the change parts are made out of UHMWPE material
  • Power requirement 15.5 HP
  • Motors – Kirloskar/Crompton
  • Gear Box – Elecon / Shanthi
  • Outfeed Bottle Jamming Sensor
  • Filling Machine and Conveyor Synchronized
  • Lubrication system provided
  • Vaccum pump- Make Acmevac
  • All the drive shaft are made up of EN Series Hardened and ground finish


  • SUGM Sealing Head is one of the World best new designed compact  sealing head
  • SUGM Sealing Head is made up of SS 304 (investment die casting)
  • No Cap – No sealing
  • Easy Setting of threading and skirting
  • Very high accuracy level
  • Sealing rejection is very low compare to standard conventional head
  • Easy maintenance